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The decision to send your child to a Jewish school in Toronto is very important and will help determine the path for his or her future. Youth is a time for learning, exploration, and understanding the world around us. With so many different people living such vastly different lifestyles, it can sometimes seem overwhelming wondering what your kids will be exposed to when they walk out the door in the morning. Much more so than political views or economic status, faith plays a major factor not just in what we do during times of worship, but also in everyday life. With so many public areas becoming completely neutral now to avoid offending anyone, you may be expressing concern that your child is not exposed often enough to the particulars of your way of life. A private Jewish school in Toronto not only teaches academics, but also customs, traditions, and religious expressions. As a parent of course you will have particular aspects of faith that you wish to address personally, but with the proper facility your child can get a major head start in life. Now that you know what it is you want, it's time to consider how to get there.
Some Important Factors to Consider:
Approach to Learning – Critical thinking is integral in making the right decisions in your personal life, as well as your professional. Many prominent Jewish schools in Toronto understand this vast importance of this style of education and will promote lesson plans which encourage the child to think "outside the box” when problem-solving.
Expression – Though private school offers a wonderful benefit of uniform teaching and understanding, it is important that they remember that each student is an individual who will have different tastes and interests. No education is complete without exposure to the arts, and no person feels fulfilled unless they can express themselves. Jewish schools in Toronto pride themselves in offering a multitude of programs to scratch the creative itch, including painting, music lessons, drama classes, and keeping up with all the latest multi-media developments.
Credentials – The best schools have the best credentials. There is a reason such a system is in place and when it comes to education the standards are detailed and strictly upheld. Though it may not be necessary to have certain credentials to be a qualified teacher, those who do are much more likely to have the tools necessary to properly educate students. Currently, there is only one Hebrew day school in Ontario which is a candidate for the Canadian Accredited Independent Schools, so be sure to add that to your internet searches to find out who and plan accordingly.
With the world moving forward to a more unified society and more and more areas becoming "Politically Correct” to avoid potentially offending or upsetting someone, it is important to take steps to retain your cultural and spiritual identity. In a public school often Jewish children are a minority, meaning they most likely lose out on being taught what it is that makes them and their way of life special. With a specialized institute like a Jewish school in Toronto you can be sure not only that your child is getting the best possible education, but also that they are growing up with a solid foundation of who they are, and where they come from.
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Bathurst Campus
1700 Bathurst Street,
Toronto, ON M5P 3K3
P: 416.781.5658
F: 416.787.9632
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Bathurst Campus Location:
1700 Bathurst Street, Toronto, ON M5P 3K3
P: 416.781.5658,   F: 416.787.9632